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Our Practice Areas

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The Webb Law Group can help you with your case:

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We’re here to protect your business and help it grow. Whether you need a corporation formed, an LLC, or a contract written or reviewed, we’re eager to protect your business and help it thrive.

We understand that your family comes first, so we work diligently to get the outcome that you and your children deserve.

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When a dispute can’t be resolved through settlement, we’ll review every aspect of your case and fight for you in court.

When you’re facing criminal charges or a DUI, we’ll fight for your case aggressively. In DUI cases, we’ll also fight to protect your driver’s license from administrative suspension.

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We’re uniquely qualified to handle landlord-tenant disputes and other conflicts involving property rights. Whether you’re a landlord or a tenant, or a prospective buyer or seller of a property, you can trust us to help.

We represent clients in the tribal courts of the Navajo Nation, Hopi Nation, the Havasupai Tribe, and the Kaibab Band of Paiute Indians. Whatever your legal need, we invite you to call us for help.

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We have experience negotiating with government entities including counties, cities, tribes, and chapters. If you need representation involving government relations, we can help.

If you have a dispute with a school or school district over discipline, employment, or anything else, contact us and see how we can help.

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“Joseph and Kristina at The Webb Law Group worked diligently on my case until the problem was solved. Communication was excellent, they were friendly and approachable, and there were no hidden costs. I recommend this firm without hesitation.”

– Laura G.

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“Our exceptionally positive experience with Brian Webb and his top-notch staff at The Webb Law Group was Five Star-Five Diamond Outstanding every step of the way. We could not have found a more knowledgeable, professional, honorable advocate to represent us during our difficult ordeal. Mr. Webb and his excellent, carefully selected team pulled out all the stops protecting our rights, and fighting for our best interests…what more can a fortunate client hope for but the best? Brian Webb and The Webb Law Group is that!”

– Rose C.

“Brian Webb is an excellent attorney who takes the time to understand the details of the case. He is prepared and experienced. He also takes a personal interest in your case and listens carefully in order to deliver the most effective strategy in building your case. Brian was instrumental in taking a case other attorneys would not. He suggested a very good cost to do a considerable amount of work and over delivered. Thank you for all you have done and accomplished in my behalf!”

-Joe Z.

“Mr. Webb is an excellent attorney who cares greatly about his clients. I refer anyone with a legal issue in Northern Arizona to his firm.”

– Armando N.

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